PTE Speaking Read Aloud – All you need to know!

PTE Speaking Read Aloud – All you need to know!

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PTE Speaking Read Aloud

PTE speaking read aloud has 06 – 07 questions in exam. Considering the type of questions, many students take it easy, whereas when the day of exam comes, it brings down their confidence. But if you did a good speaking practice of read aloud, you can easily perform well in exam.

Task Assessment of PTE Speaking Read Aloud:

For this speaking section, a passage or a short text of 2-3 sentences will be given to you for recording for 30 to 40 seconds. When the time ends, a beep sound you will listen and start audibly recording your voice. IF you spoke before the microphone starts, then your voice won’t be recorded. You must finish speaking the passage before progress bar ends, otherwise the microphone will stop recording even if you did not complete the whole passage.

PTE Speaking Read Aloud Score Assessment:

PTE speaking read aloud section of exam judges your score on the basis of following points:

  • Content
  • Verbal Fluency
  • Pronunciation

1- Content:

Did you speak all the words which were written in the passage? If you added some extra words or missed some words then it will affect your score.

2- Verbal Fluency:

Your pace of speaking matters in this factor. Rhythm, phrasing and stress on words decide your score. And repeating of words and hesitation will lower your score.

Some common mistakes

3- Pronunciation:

Can you understand the words if any native speaker is talking? It also includes either your tone can be understood by native speakers or not.

While the time of 30 to 40 seconds, you should try to practice and understand the difficult words with a hard pronunciation. By doing this, your brain will be prepared for difficult words. Commas, full stops and semi colon, if you did not pay attention of these, then it can make your verbal fluency suffer. One more important factor for PTE speaking read aloud is Intonation. Once you start reading the paragraph,  you should stress words which help you to convey your meaning, by reading them with a louder tone and focusing key syllables.

For exercising intonation, consider yourself reading the headline news in a prime time show at 9 and imitate along with using the movements of your hands. This will train your mind to convey the meaning naturally. On the other hand, you can also stand before a mirror to enhance your intonation. Moreover, you should also have confidence and a clear voice so that the computer could understand your voice.

Following are the things you should practice for PTE speaking read aloud:

  • Before the recording starts, you should try to mock your responses.
  • Confidently read the text with a smooth pace
  • In the given countdown timer, you should practice the words with a difficult pronunciation.

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