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Practice with repeated PTE questions

PTE question banks are updated regularly and are collected by the PTE aspirants community from the real exams. The questions are also sorted according to their frequency repetition rate.

Access yourself with Practice Tests

Magic PTE Mock Tests are designed to simulate to actual PTE Exam testing experience to help users familiarize themselves with the test patterns and identify weaknesses using score reports.

Self-study with AI scoring

This Practice Test platform has been designed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature. AI scoring means that test takers will be marked by the automated system which mimics the real scoring algorithm.

Complete mock tests and check your scores with detailed analysis.

A score report will be automatically generated after each exam attempt which clearly displays communicative, enabling as well as the overall score, thus helping users identify strengths and tackle weaknesses. This mock exam's structure is similar to the actual pte test.


to help you succeed with PTE Academic

Essential PTE templates

Download our templates which you can easily apply in the real test in order to avoid making grammatical or word-choice errors and score higher

PTE guide with tips and tricks

Grab our Ebook with the exam structure and score breakdown for PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening for better time management

PTE community

Join our PTE groups to discuss recent test questions, share knowledge and tips on how to get 60, 65, or 79 with other aspirants

Real questions with answers

Check your answers for all 4 modules after each task to evaluate your performance identify areas for improvements

AI scoring for Speaking & Writing-related tasks

Practice and receive scores for Pronunciation, Fluency, and Content in Speaking as well as Grammar and Spelling in Writing

PTE coaching and video courses

Enroll in our PTE classes if you need extra support or grab 2 hours Express Video course which covers all essential strategies


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