PTE Reading Test Tips

PTE Reading Test Tips

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To evaluate the ability of a candidate in reading and interpreting academic English, PTE reading test has been designed. Most students have always complained of finding this section very difficult and complicated in the past. All of these can change through the right PTE reading practice test with good tips. The section is divided in various tasks is to judge the skills of a test taker. This reading test of PTE also examines if how a candidate analyses and comprehends academic vocabulary?  Round about 33 to 42 minutes are given to you for reading test.

Following are a few tips and material for PTE reading test

1- Select Single Answer, Multiple-choice:

  • Prior you begin reading the text, try to take a quick-witted look at the given questions.
  • Thoroughly read in order to under the primary idea behind the given text.
  • When you have understood the main idea of the passage then trying to understand the supporting idea and particulars.
  • Twice read the options and questions, if possibly. When you have found the correct answer, immediately select it. And go through the answers which are incorrect to find the right answers. This will make narrow your search process.
  • Keep in your mind that questions which you did not answer will be marked as incorrect, therefore don’t leave a question unanswered. You can guess an answer or try to select the correct one.
  • Do not give more than 1.5 minutes to a question, this way you can manage your time easily in this section.

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2- Select More than One Answer, Multiple-choice:

  • These types of questions look easy but in actual meaning, these are very challenging and tricky. There you must go through the given information properly.
  • Before you commence reading, have a look on the questions given.
  • In order to find the correct answers quickly, you should have a good attention on adjectives, repeated words and nouns.
  • When you can’t find a right answer, you should ignore the options which look least likely to be correct.
  • On this type of questions, you don’t need to spend more than 2 minutes.

3- Paragraph Re-ordering:

  • In this type of questions, look for nouns, adjectives and pronouns and time related phrases. Pronouns like he, she, these, they, etc. These will assist you to find the correct order of answers quickly.
  • Stay focused on the clue words.
  • You should not spend more than 3 minutes on paragraph re-ordering.

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4- Reading Test Blank Filling:

  • To understand the main idea of text, you should skim the passage.
  • Pay attention to “Collocation”.
  • In order to get the correct word, try to probe to the missing part of speech. Know about the context of the words before you select any word.
  • You should spend no more than 2 minutes in this type of question.

5- Fill-in-the-blank (Blank Filling) FIB: Writing and Reading:

  • You must understand the overall meaning once you read the whole passage, by doing this you can find the correct word for the given blank.
  • In the drop down menu, the choices look quite similar and ambiguous. Whereas, those have different meanings and are used at different places. Therefore, you don’t need to rush while selecting the right answer.

Now that you have got enough PTE reading test material and understood the question types properly. You should keep these PTE reading tips in your mind and practice these appropriately before you take the test.

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