PTE Reading – Multiple Choice Single Answer – Sample Question & Exam Structure

PTE Reading – Multiple Choice Single Answer – Sample Question & Exam Structure

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In PTE reading section, Multiple-Choice Single Answer is easier among both multiple-choice question types.  A question will be showed to you on a screen and you will answer it from the text given. Some choices you will see and out of those; you will select the right answer. Skills, the way you comprehend the written text, the main idea-theme and the meaning will be examined in this type of question. Or if you are good at reading long passages and look for some particular information in a give text, then you can perform excellently in this type of question.

This reading multiple choice single answer type questions examines reading comprehension. Apart from this, it also examines if how you understand the given text in a long or a medium text. In this question type, you might require finding out a particular detail from a text or they might ask you to understand and answer based on theme of the text.

Therefore it’s important to recognize if what information in particular you have to find in the passage. And it should be clear in your mind if what kind of information you are looking for when you are reading the passage. Either you have to understand particular details or opinion given in the passage.

Methods to Follow

Firstly, read the questions properly and then the given options together.  By doing this, you will get enough information to begin reading the text. As earlier we discussed that you don’t need to read the text until you are not sure, what are you looking for?   Always, you must keep it with some goals in your mind that exactly what information you are looking for?

First of all, you should skim the text to understand the idea of the theme and text organization if which part of paragraph of text tells about what?

When you have found the reference related to the option in the text, again read the part of text before and after for surety that you have gotten the overall idea. Before you choose an option for the answer, don’t forget to look at all the choices. Terminate the wrong option and never be hurry to choose the first choice which appears to be right.

Some useful tips

1- Avoid Reading the passage in the beginning in Multiple choice Single Answer

The options and the questions, you must read firstly. It will help you in multiple choice answers. This will also let you know if what exactly you have to find out in the given passage. It will just waste your time, if you started reading the text immediately.

2- Avoid to hesitate almost with the whole

You will find options which will be matching with each other. For instance: An option saying 90 percentage of people love to take coffee, and on the other hand, an option saying all the people love to take coffee, Some test takers who don’t read carefully can hesitate 90 percentage with “all”.

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