PTE Speaking Short Answer Question – Exam Structure and Sample Question

PTE Speaking Short Answer Question – Exam Structure and Sample Question

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PTE speaking Short Answer Question part includes between 10 to 12 questions in PTE practice test, which only must be answered in 1 or 2 words. In a given question, you might also see a video or a picture. For instance; a diagram asking you; On which story is the bank located?

Exam Structure of Short Answer Question what you need to know?

Speaking short answer question section of PTE exam examines your speaking and listening skills, and you are given 10 seconds to response to each asked question. Furthermore, this task is easier as compared to other tasks because you just give answers in only one or two words rather long summaries and answers. Therefore, you can obtain scores in this task.

Useful Speaking tips to practice PTE Speaking Short Answer Question

In this task of PTE speaking short answers question, you mostly face general knowledge topics and neither you need to be expert of every topic to response to questions.

1- Carefully Listening Short Answer Questions:

 Make sure that you understood each question within those given 10 seconds. Therefore, it’s important to listen questions with a good attention. You need a lot of practice for this task to enhance your skills in listening.

2- Not to overthink about a question in speaking short answer question:

For every question, you must give a straight forward and a simple answer. And avoid showing your smartness by answer a question with a less common way. For instance; ‘In a bedroom, which pieces of furniture would you typically find? A few will say ‘a chest of drawers or a bedside table’, whereas the most suitable answer for this question is ‘bed’.

3- Attentiveness and Focus in speaking short answer question:           

You won’t be given any break between the questions, that’s why you will have to be focused completely, until you don’t give answer all the questions. Though, there are 10 to 12 questions but still you must be focused.

4- Vocabulary in speaking short answer question:

Understanding any question and then response it depends if how good you are at vocabulary? You should have a good enough vocab to make sure that you understand all the words in a question.

5- Initial response, correct response in speaking short answer question:

Mostly, the answer which firstly pops in your is the correct one. When you hesitate and overthink any question in your brain then it might probably cause any mistake and also wastage of time, that’s why, if possibly avoid it.

6- Visualize the situation and scene:

Make use of particular words and letters while listening to a question and try to draw an image in your brain. For example; When a question is about a hospital, assume the hospital with nurses, medical equipment and doctors. To obtain good scores, you can use this successful method to remember the right answers.

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