PTE Speaking Re-Tell Lecture – Exam Structure & Sample Question

PTE Speaking Re-Tell Lecture – Exam Structure & Sample Question

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PTE Speaking Test Retell Lecture - PTE Magic
PTE Speaking Retell Lecture

Re-tell lecture belongs to speaking task of exam. It examines your speaking and listening skills. It is one of hard tasks of exam because it judges your overall speaking expertise. With a good speaking practice you can perform in this task too.

Task Assessment of PTE Re-Tell Lecture:

Here, in your own words, you will have to retell a listening or a short video. An audio or a video of 90 seconds will be played and you will be given forty seconds to answer it. Before the recorder begins recording your speech, you will have 10 seconds for preparation. You will be given 40 seconds to answers so you should bring your answers to end with major points from the. When the bar of progress comes close to end, you must stop speaking. Meanwhile, you will see the word ‘Recording’ changed to ‘Completed’.

PTE Re-Tell lecture Score Assessment:

You response on how expertly you have given answers? And covered all the significant factors will be probed by PTE academic. The results are divided into 3 parts:

1- Content:

It tells the way you have spoken major points, relation between things and conclusions. Notice the dates, key points, numbers which are being focused during the speaking retell lecture by speaker.

2- Oral Fluency:

It will examine your flow of speech, and stressing of your words. The finest answers are those which are spoken smoothly and natural way of talking with suitable phrasing. Following are the factors which lower your scores:

  • Hesitation
  • Repetition
  • False

Some common mistakes

3- Pronunciation:

Said by Person PTE, your pronunciation is being checked by how effective your speech is?  Vocabulary stressing and the vowels used at the appropriate places. And if your intonation is similar like a native speaker, you can obtain maximum 05 points. The more you will do pronunciation and speaking practice .the more you will have a good command.

When the audio begins, you must go through the given images properly so that you can understand about lecture theme. You can also prepare and practice your some keywords according to the given image, this will be helpful for you at the time when you will start answering the questions. 

You will also see an Erasable Board and a marker which will be given to you so that you can write down some major points for retell lecture. You should note as much as details you can as the audio plays. 

If possibly, write down the places, dates and figures. It’s best if you are going to use a template. You will have to be prepared with the template to speak up to point and clearly. It can also help you to obtain the maximum score and avoid mistakes on the day of exam. 

Before you use any template, you should keep in your mind that grammar is one of major things and also pay attention towards the sentence structures otherwise it can cause the reason of your low score. Check out some new PTE tips.

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