PTE Reading – Reorder Paragraphs with exam structure & sample question

PTE Reading – Reorder Paragraphs with exam structure & sample question

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The Reorder task examines the way you move sentences right to left to ensure that the sentences are in correct order. To be good at English language skills, you should be able to understand if how different parts of a text associate with each other. This is the major key point about PTE reading practice test reorder task. It can be a grammatical relation, for instance: between a pronoun in first paragraph and a noun in second paragraph, or it can also be a logical relation, for instance: cause in first paragraph and the effect in second paragraph.

The mark distribution for PTE reading reorder paragraph is given below.

  • For each paragraph, you arranged in the right order, you will get 01 point.

You will not be given scores if you re-arrange paragraphs individually. You should focus and do reading practice on re-arranging the pairs in correct order to get satisfactory scores in this task.

Methods To Follow:

As you will start attempting this type of question, your aim should be to search for leading paragraph. It’s something easy because the leading paragraph has some unique characteristics. The most important thing about the leading paragraph is that it tells about the concept of whole text. It’s also called as self contained which does not need any other paragraphs or any sentences in order to complete its meaning.

You should move for next paragraph, when you have found the leading paragraph. You should keep two points in your mind.

  • 1ST, the second paragraph will add things what the leading paragraph introduced.
  • 2ND, the paragraph have always a link with the above paragraph. Such as: When the first paragraph discusses about car manufacturing company, the second paragraph will also mention something in connection with it.

When once all the paragraphs are arranged in a correct order, don’t forget to read those once more time. Sometimes, continuously reading will make you feel that a paragraph can be fitted in another place. You should do it and then check if how it changes the meaning of text.

You might also be confused between paragraphs; in such a situation one by one each paragraph should be placed and then check the arrangement of other paragraphs and the meaning of text. You should also do reading practice in order to develop reading skills,

Tips and Tricks

Some tips and tricks are given below which you can use in Reorder Paragraph questions.

1- Focus on Independent sentences:

When you have recognized the first position, then the rest will become easier. Then you have to search immediately for it. You can also ask yourself this question; ‘which sentence does not rely on any other sentence to complete its meaning’? That sentence will be leading sentence.

2- Look for noun-pronoun relationships:

The tips of grammar can guide you to identify the relationship between paragraphs. Such as: When the second paragraph has “He “ in it, ask yourself that- who does this “ He “ indicate to? Go for such sentences in the passage which tells about “this person”.

Knowledge you need to know:
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